newtmgr taskstat

Read task statistics from a device.


newtmgr taskstat -c <conn_profile> [flags]

Global Flags:

-c, --conn string       connection profile to use
-h, --help              help for newtmgr
-l, --loglevel string   log level to use (default "info")
    --name string       name of target BLE device; overrides profile setting
-t, --timeout float     timeout in seconds (partial seconds allowed) (default 10)
-r, --tries int         total number of tries in case of timeout (default 1)


Reads and displays the task statistics from a device. Newtmgr uses the conn_profile connection profile to connect to the device. It lists the following statistics for each task:

  • task: Task name
  • pri: Task priority
  • runtime: The time (ms) that the task has been running for
  • csw: Number of times the task has switched context
  • stksz: Stack size allocated for the task
  • stkuse: Actual stack size the task uses
  • last_checkin: Last sanity checkin with the Sanity Task
  • next_checkin: Next sanity checkin


Usage Explanation
newtmgr taskstat-c profile0 Reads and displays the task statistics from a device. Newtmgr connects to the device over a connection specified in the profile01 connection profile.

Here is an example output for the myble application from the Enabling Newt Manager in any app tutorial:

$ newtmgr taskstat -c myserial
      task pri tid  runtime      csw    stksz   stkuse last_checkin next_checkin
    ble_ll   0   2        0       12       80       58        0        0
      idle 255   0    16713       95       64       31        0        0
      main 127   1        2       81      512      275        0        0