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Apache Mynewt 1.11.0, Apache NimBLE 1.6.0 released (September 7, 2023)

Get set

Apache Mynewt currently offers two ways to quickly get set up, each appealing to different personal preferences and levels of familiarity with embedded systems.

  • Option 1: Step-by-step instructions to install the Newt tool, developer toolchains and libraries natively on your computer. This is the recommended option. For this option, go to Native Setup

  • Option 2: All-in-one docker container that bundles Newt tool, developer toolchains and libraries. This option is only for a quick look at the project. For this option, go to Docker instructions


Start a new project as explained under Create Your First Project. The core Mynewt OS is automatically downloaded as part of the project installation.

  • When you Create Your First Project you define a simulated target and run Project Blinky, the Hello World equivalent in the embedded world.

  • If you have one of the supported boards, you can make real LEDs blink in Project Blinky. Simply choose the appropriate tutorial for the board and proceed.

And More...

Explore the Tutorials section for other interesting projects or simply to learn more about Mynewt's capabilities and get familiar with its use.


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