An OS to build, deploy and securely manage billions of devices

Latest News:

Apache Mynewt 1.12.0, Apache NimBLE 1.7.0 released (April 4, 2024)


  • Real-time operating system kernel (Mynewt OS)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy stack (BLE 5) - choose HOST only or CONTROLLER only or FULL stack.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh
  • Command line package management and build system (Newt Tool)
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer unifying common MCU features, see discussion thread
  • Board Support Infrastructure
  • System level logs and statistics
  • Secure bootloader, signed images and remote firmware upgrade
  • Flash circular buffers, Newtron Flash File System (nffs), or hook up any other file system
  • Serial upgrade of bootloader, see discussion thread
  • WiFi support via socket interface, join discussion here
  • Basic IP support

  • For features in each release, see Release Notes


    Some upcoming features:

    • Full IP support
    • Low power support with ability for drivers to turn on/off low power settings automatically
    • Sensor API, see discussion thread
    • Support for MIPS architecture
    • Support for additional boards

    The detailed roadmap is tracked on JIRA for Mynewt.

    Feature Request

    The WISHLIST at the top of the roadmap on JIRA for Mynewt features all the new ideas awaiting discussion and review. Once the community decides to go ahead with a request, it is scheduled into a release. Generally, effort is made to schedule a requested feature into a particular version no later than 6 weeks prior to the planned release date.

    If you have suggestions for a new feature, use case, or implementation improvements, file a JIRA ticket with Issue Type set to "Wish". Introduce it in the dev@ mailing list with a link to the JIRA ticket. This assumes you have signed up for an account on JIRA and submitted a request to the dev@ mailing list for your JIRA username to be added to the Apache Mynewt (MYNEWT) project.


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