Command List


The following are the high-level newtmgr commands. Some of these commands have subcommands. You can use the -h flag to get help for each command. See the documentation for each command in this guide if you need more information and examples.

Available Commands:
  config      Read or write a config value on a device
  conn        Manage newtmgr connection profiles
  crash       Send a crash command to a device
  datetime    Manage datetime on a device
  echo        Send data to a device and display the echoed back data
  fs          Access files on a device
  help        Help about any command
  image       Manage images on a device
  log         Manage logs on a device
  mpstat      Read mempool statistics from a device
  reset       Perform a soft reset of a device
  run         Run test procedures on a device
  stat        Read statistics from a device
  taskstat    Read task statistics from a device

  -c, --conn string       connection profile to use
  -h, --help              help for newtmgr
  -l, --loglevel string   log level to use (default "info")
      --name string       name of target BLE device; overrides profile setting
  -t, --timeout float     timeout in seconds (partial seconds allowed) (default 10)
  -r, --tries int         total number of tries in case of timeout (default 1)