newt vals

Display valid values for the specified element type(s).


newt vals <element-type> [element-types...] [flags]

Global Flags:

-h, --help              Help for newt commands
-j, --jobs int          Number of concurrent build jobs (default 8)
-l, --loglevel string   Log level (default "WARN")
-o, --outfile string    Filename to tee output to
-q, --quiet             Be quiet; only display error output
-s, --silent            Be silent; don't output anything
-v, --verbose           Enable verbose output when executing commands


Displays valid values for the specified element type(s). You must set valid values for one or more elements when you define a package or a target. Valid element types are:

  • api

  • app

  • bsp

  • build_profile

  • compiler

  • lib

  • sdk

  • target




newt vals api

Shows the possible values for APIs a package may specify as required. For example, the pkg.yml for adc specifies that it requires the api named ADC_HW_IMPL, one of the values listed by the command.

Example output for newt vals bsp:

This lists all possible values that may be assigned to a target’s bsp attribute.

$ newt vals bsp
bsp names:
$ newt target set sample_target bsp=@apache-mynewt-core/hw/bsp/rb-nano2

Obviously, this output will grow as more board support packages are added for new boards and MCUs.