newt clean

Delete build artifacts for one or more targets.


newt clean <target-name> [target-name...] | all [flags]

Global Flags:

-h, --help              Help for newt commands
-j, --jobs int          Number of concurrent build jobs (default 8)
-l, --loglevel string   Log level (default "WARN")
-o, --outfile string    Filename to tee output to
-q, --quiet             Be quiet; only display error output
-s, --silent            Be silent; don't output anything
-v, --verbose           Enable verbose output when executing commands


Deletes all the build artifacts generated for the target-name target. It does not delete the target definition. You can specify a list of targets, separated by a space, to delete the artifacts for multiple targets, or specify all to delete the artifacts for all targets.




newt clean myble

Deletes the ‘bin/targets/myble’ directory where all the build artifacts generated from the myble target build are stored.

newt clean my_blinky_sim myble

Deletes the ‘bin/targets/my_blinky_sim’ and the ‘bin/targets/myble’ directories where all the artifacts generated from the my_blinky_sim and myble target builds are stored.

newt clean all

Removes the artifacts for all target builds. Deletes the top level ‘bin’ directory.