newt help

Display the help text for the newt command line tool:

Newt allows you to create your own embedded application based on the Mynewt
operating system. Newt provides both build and package management in a single
tool, which allows you to compose an embedded application, and set of
projects, and then build the necessary artifacts from those projects. For more
information on the Mynewt operating system, please visit


newt help [command]

Global Flags:

-h, --help              Help for newt commands
-j, --jobs int          Number of concurrent build jobs (default 8)
-l, --loglevel string   Log level (default "WARN")
-o, --outfile string    Filename to tee output to
-q, --quiet             Be quiet; only display error output
-s, --silent            Be silent; don't output anything
-v, --verbose           Enable verbose output when executing commands

Available Commands:

build        Build one or more targets
clean        Delete build artifacts for one or more targets
create-image Add image header to target binary
debug        Open debugger session to target
info         Show project info
install      Install project dependencies
load         Load built target to board
mfg          Manufacturing flash image commands
new          Create a new project
pkg          Create and manage packages in the current workspace
run          build/create-image/download/debug <target>
size         Size of target components
sync         Synchronize project dependencies
target       Command for manipulating targets
test         Executes unit tests for one or more packages
upgrade      Upgrade project dependencies
vals         Display valid values for the specified element type(s)
version      Display the Newt version number




newt help target

Displays the help text for the newt target command

newt help

Displays the help text for newt tool