Project Slinky

The goal of the project is to use a sample application called “Slinky” included in the Mynewt repository to enable remote communications with a device running the Mynewt OS. The protocol for remote communications is called newt manager (newtmgr).

If you have an existing project using a target that does not use the Slinky application and you wish to add newtmgr functionality to it, check out the tutorial titled Enable newtmgr in any app

Available Tutorials

Tutorials are available for the following boards:


Ensure that you meet the following prerequisites before continuing with this tutorial:

  • Have Internet connectivity to fetch remote Mynewt components.

  • Have a computer to build a Mynewt application and connect to the board over USB.

  • Have a Micro-USB cable to connect the board and the computer.

  • Have a serial port setup.

  • Install the newt tool and the toolchains (See Basic Setup).

  • Install the newtmgr tool.

  • Read the Mynewt OS Concepts section.

  • Create a project space (directory structure) and populated it with the core code repository (apache-mynewt-core) or know how to as explained in Creating Your First Project.

Overview of Steps

  • Install dependencies.

  • Define the bootloader and Slinky application target for the target board.

  • Build the bootloader target.

  • Build the Slinky application target and create an application image.

  • Set a up serial connection with the targets.

  • Create a connection profile using the newtmgr tool.

  • Use the newtmgr tool to communicate with the targets.