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Apache Mynewt 1.5.0 released (Nov 5, 2018)

Talks from Mynewt participants

Apache Mynewt Overview

@OpenIoT Summit, Berlin, Germany, October 2016
Speaker: Sterling Hughes, CTO, Runtime Inc.

The case for an open-source OS for connected devices that ensures their commercial and operational readiness in a comprehensive, easy way is presented. The talk details the architecture of the resulting Apache Mynewt OS and the rationale behind some of the key design and implementation decisions.

MyNewt technical Overview

@Linaro Connect, Las Vegas, September 2016
Speaker: Sterling Hughes, CTO, Runtime Inc.

This presentation helps developers up and down the stack understand the requirements and challenges of embedded development environments – whether they are using common maker environments like Arduino or mature product-oriented tools. It covers the salient goals and features of Mynewt, the open source OS for MCUs.

Apache Mynewt: The Next Great Open Source OS for 32 Bit MCUs Coming to a RISC-V

@RISC-V Workshop, July 2016
Speaker: James Pace, CEO, Runtime Inc.

This presentation lays out the case for an open source, hardware architecture agnostic OS for 32-bit MCUs. It then delves into the benefits of porting it to RISC-V architecture.