An OS to build, deploy and securely manage billions of devices

Latest News:

Apache Mynewt 1.1.0 released (July 31, 2017)

Built for wireless

Meet your application’s demands with open source networking stacks e.g. Bluetooth Low Energy 5

  • Flexible, powerful BLE implementation (NimBLE)
    • Full stack, host only, or controller only - your choice
    • Maximum throughput of 2Mbps
    • Up to 32 concurrent connections
    • Multiple active connections in simulatenous central and peripheral roles
    • More on NimBLE...
  • Additional connectivity options include WiFi
  • Native support for TCP/IP, UDP
  • Supports protocols for constrained networks e.g. CoAP and 6LoWPAN

Security from the start

Ensure security is built into the code as well as lifecycle management for your product.

  • Secure bootloader to verify firmware integrity and authenticity
  • Device identity for secure provisioning
  • Authenticated, authorized, and encrypted data transfers
  • Abstracted interface to leverage hardware security
  • More on Mynewt OS security...

Operations ready

Ready your IoT network of billions for remote monitoring, troubleshooting, management, and upgrade.

  • Image management module to enable efficient, failure-aware, and reliable remote firmware updates
  • Logging modules that can be invoked at various levels of granularity, including specialized reboot logs
  • Richly instrumented statistics modules for OS components and network interfaces
  • Modularity for selective, optimized composition to extract the best performance from the hardware platform
  • More on managment utilities...


Pick one MCU now. Migrate to another later.

  • Designed to be hardware agnostic - Cortex M0-M4 micro controllers, MIPS, RISC-V
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to provide a uniform interface for peripherals across various micro controllers
  • Board specific configurations are abstracted in Board Support Packages (BSP)

Easy to use

Compose, fine-tune, and build your image within hours or even minutes.

  • Hardware initialization in single configuration file for the chosen BSP
  • Initialization of service parameters in a single configuration file for the chosen module e.g. BLE controller
  • Smart package management and build using Newt Tool
  • Automatic configuration audits using Newt Tool
  • More on Newt...

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