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Porting Mynewt to Core-M3 MCU

Q: I have a weird OS tick issue with a Core-M3 MCU port. The tick rate is set up identically to most ARM MCUs by setting up a hardware interrupt to trigger SysClock / os_tick_per_sec. SysClock is correct and os_tick_per_sec is set to 1000, but the tick rate seems to be significantly higher. What am I doing wrong?

A: Check whether the LED is actually staying on or it is flickering really fast by debugging through the loop. If it is staying on, you may be getting into an assert(). Otherwise, it is due to the fact that the OS timer wasn’t created, which is done by hal_bsp.c. The OS timer needs a hardware timer to be running, so you will need to call hal_timer_init for timer 0 at one point.